CCSF 2010 Survey


Welcome to the CCSF 2010 Survey Center! The surveys are now closed and the results have been announced!

When: November 1st to November 14th.
Coordinator: Liam
Theme: "Creatures Future, Natural Selection"

Thanks to all of you that participated and an extra thanks to those of you that helped to spread the word about the surveys! Now that everything is decided, let's start gearing up to make this the best CCSF yet!

If you would like help further (or if you just really like taking surveys) you can take the CSSF Survey-Survey and give anonymous input to help make future surveys better.

If you are confused or would like more infomation, read onward:

As per the community's approval, this year's Creatures Community Spirit Festival was planned with a series of surveys/polls.

The first survey was completely open: no bullet points or checkboxes, just blank spaces for each person to write their opinion of every aspect of CCSF'10, including when, how long, themes, and so on. This survey ran from June 8th to June 22nd, and recieved opinions from 33 participants totaling 37 submissions. Thanks to all of you for giving your opinions!

The second survey was essentially a big checkbox poll. Containing every suggestion collected from the first survey, voters were able to check any and all of the suggestions that they agreed with. These week-long survey had 31 participants, and through this the community agreed on two-week long CCSF.

The third survey narrowed down the voteable options further. With a total of 30 voters, this survey decided that Liam would be this year's elected coordinator and that the community preferred a CCSF around the end of October/Begining of November.

The fourth survey was the last survey in the series, finalizing both the dates and the theme of CCSF 2010. This survey had a record-breaking 34 participants, setting the dates as November 1-14 and the theme as Creatures Future, Natural Selection.

I hope we've decided on something we can be happy with!